Our Legislative History

Date Action Bill
3/26/2015S543 Home Birth Freedom Act FiledNCGA_1960-0.pdf
3/26/2015S542 Decriminalize Direct Entry Midwifery Filed S542v0.pdf
5/13/2013S107 Pulled from calendar before Senate vote 
5/9/2013S107 Passes Senate Judiciary Committee
3/25/2013S106 Reassigned to Senate Rules & Operations 
S107 Decriminalize Direct Entry Midwifery Filed in Senate
2/19/2013 S106 Home Birth Freedom Act Filed in the Senate
4/20/2011 S662 Referred to Committee on Health Care  
4/20/2011 S662 Passed 1st Reading  
4/19/2011 CPM Bill Filed in the Senate - S662  
3/30/2011 H522 Referred to Committee on Health & Human Services, if favorable, Finance  
3/30/2011 H522 Passed 1st Reading  
3/29/2011 CPM Bill Filed in the House - H522  
2/23/2011 CPM Bill Sent to Drafting  

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